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Rehabilitation Alternatives Limited (RAL) is an Atlantic Canadian-owned private practice rehabilitation company incorporated in 1992. We specialize in the provision of a full spectrum of services for injured/ill persons referred for assessment and case management services through the public sector (Workers' Compensation Boards, Federal and Provincial Governments); the private insurance sector (Automobile, Long-term Disability); as well as assessment, case management and Expert Witness services for the private sector (plaintiff and defense lawyers, and employers). Our vocational software division, Vocational Alternatives Software (VAS) provides Online vocational exploration and assessment services through Quick NOC Pro Career Guide.

In the early years of our practice, our foundations were created through contracts with the Workers' Compensation Board of the Northwest Territories for whom we provided rehab assessment and case management services, on a contractual basis. In 1993 we were awarded one of nine contracts in Canada by Health and Welfare Canada, through Canada Pension Plan Disability under the auspices of their National Vocational Rehabilitation Project. Our contract was to provide vocational rehabilitation services in the four Atlantic Provinces. We continued to specialize in provision of rehab case management services, servicing the automobile and long-term disability sectors as well as Workers' Compensation Boards to include New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and British Columbia.
In the mid 1990's our exposure within the automobile insurance sector led many plaintiff and defense lawyers to retain our services directly. Since then a significant portion of our practice has been devoted to providing assessment and case management services for both plaintiff and defense lawyers who require expert advice and opinion in assessing Cost of Future Care and Needs, Loss of Valuable Services, Loss of Earning Capacity, Employability, Loss of Opportunity, and Labour Market Research. We are extremely fortunate to have excellent, highly qualified people working with us. Our rehabilitation specialists and consultants have been accepted as expert witnesses in Court of Queen's Bench where we have collectively provided expert witness testimony in over 65 personal injury litigation actions.

Within the context of our growing legal practice we saw the need to develop a superior vocational assessment and exploration tool. We created a Vocational Software Division, Vocational Alternatives Software (VAS) in 1996. QuickNOCPro Career Guide combines the databases of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) and the National Occupational Classification Career Handbooks. QuickNOCPro Career Guide has evolved in response to the need for comprehensive vocational assessment services for persons experiencing limitations and disabling conditions as a result of either injury or illness which impact on their ability to return to work.

It has been our experience that rehabilitation practitioners in Canada have varying levels of understanding with the use of the National Occupational Classification in their work as rehabilitation professionals. As a natural consequence of our NOC-based software development, we have provided training in both the private and public sectors on the use of the NOC and its Handbooks. We have been invited as guest lecturers for rehabilitation students at Canadian universities including the University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, and University of Toronto. Our NOC training has been recognized and accepted for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada. We have provided customized training for the Voc Rehab Counsellors at WorkSafe BC and the Workers Compensation Board of Saskatchewan who both use our software exclusively in the delivery of vocational rehabilitation services to injured workers. 

Rehabilitation Alternatives Limited, in partnership with Vocational Alternatives Software, is responding to a need for diversification, in part due to changes in auto legislation which has been experienced in most provinces in Canada. We see QuickNOCPro Career Guide as a foundation for our continued diversification. We have customized this superior tool, making it the most comprehensive on-line vocational exploration and career planning tool of its kind.

In 2006 Rehabilitation Alternatives Limited/ Vocational Alternatives Software was among the founding partners in Voc Rehab Canada Inc., a joint venture/ national consortium group which provides comprehensive private sector voc rehab and related services from coast to coast to coast in Canada, in both official languages.