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Rehabilitation Alternatives Limited
Why Refer?

  • To address and quantify current and future care requirements; valuation of loss of valuable services; earning capacity; and loss of opportunity;
  • To assess an injured/ill person's ability to return to the essential duties of their own occupation or any occupation through a combination of vocational rehabilitation assessment, counselling, job task analysis, and vocational evaluation;
  • To establish work/education history and transferable skills specifics;
  • To assess client motivation toward the vocational rehabilitation process and eventual re-employment;
  • To assess vocational rehabilitation potential;
  • To establish an appropriate, mutually agreeable vocational rehabilitation plan;
  • To determine (via vocational evaluation) aptitudes, interests and educational achievement levels;
  • For job search/plan development assistance/training & employment placement;
  • Assisting with access of community-based resources (i.e., government funding through wage subsidy plans, government sponsored programs, etc.);
  • Labour market research;
  • File review and recommendations.